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Chronicles Of Good Charlotte

these are the chronicles of life and death and everything between

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This is a brand new community for Good Charlotte. I'm the moderator, Jamie!

There are some rules though:

1. No shit talking GC. Joking around is one thing, but being a complete bitch is another. Harmless picking on a member of GC is ok.

2. Try to be nice to each other. I understand not everyone has the same opinion, which is great, but if you feel the need to have a pissing contest with eachother, please take it somewhere else! As long as arguments are kept to a nice level, I won't change the options of having you posts moderated. I like having an open comm.

3. Have fun!!!

4. Please don't post anyhting that has nothing to do with Good Charlotte or it's members.

5. I will not tolerateany bashing of Good Charlotte at all. I understand you don't have to like the actual band themselves, which is your choice, but do not come on here and talk about how shitty they are or egotistical, ect.! You'll be banned immediantly and won't be welcome back. I'm not saying you should share my opinion, but do be nice.

6. This is not an anti-jilary comm either. You can state your opinion about the couple, but be as nice as possible.

7. Anything of GC is welcome! Ex: wallpapers, graphics, icons, pics, animations, ect. If you take any graphics, credit the maker. If I found out you don't, I may ban you!

I guess that's about it. So join if you wish and have fun, try to promote!

CREDIT FOR LAYOUT: ___storytelling @ LJ